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We, IndustrialProductChina.com(belonging to FreeShoppingChina.com), are a professional purchase agent team offering China industrial product sourcing and purchase agent services for international buyers to purchase industrial products from China, especially from 1688.com and TaoBao.com.

We offer professional services in sourcing, inquiry, purchasing, inspection, risk evaluation, and etc.

Sourcing Service for China Industrial Product

Sourcing Service for China Industrial Product

We offer China industrial product sourcing service. With your requirements for the industrial products, we can help you find the right suppliers in China and compare their quotations. The suppliers can be either from 1688.com, TaoBao.com, other platforms or their own official websites. We will pass your detailed requirements to them for quotations, including prices, lead time, payment terms, shipping terms, etc.

The industrial products can be either made in China or other countries. For example, some products may be produced in Germany and imported into China for reselling, we are also able to source these kinds of products, as long as they are of better prices.

However, considering the efficiency of China industrial product sourcing, too small value items are not worth using sourcing service because there will be extra sourcing fee. Also, product requirements must be as detailed as possible to be operational, otherwise no supplier will send quotations.

Inquiry Service for China Industrial Product

Inquiry Service for China Industrial Product

Users can find the China industrial product suppliers on their own by searching 1688.com, TaoBao.com, or Baidu.com with the translated Chinese keywords or brand names and model codes. This is not difficult with the help of translating tools like “google translate” which can translate the whole web page to English or other languages, let alone some keywords.

However, to send the inquiries to the potential suppliers and to communicate with them will be of big challenges if the user is not able to speak Chinese.

We offer inquiry service for industrial products, which is free of charge. Users only need to list the detailed product requirements and the list of the suppliers’ web pages or contacts, we will help to reach those suppliers requesting for quotations. These quotations will be translated and forwarded to users for comparisons and further decisions.

Purchasing Service for China Industrial Product

Purchasing Service for China Industrial Product

After the user has compared the quotations and decides to purchase from one of the suppliers, the user can place an order to us in our purchasing system, with the detailed requirements and supplier info listed. We will contact the supplier on the user’s behalf and place the order to the supplier accordingly. Usually there may be different payment terms according to the supplier’s stock and request:

1. In Stock: Online 100% full payment with escrow service by 1688.com or TaoBao.com. (Widely used for online orders on 1688.com and TaoBao.com)

2. With Lead Time: Offline contract with 30%-50% prepayment, and 70%-50% 2nd payment before shipping. (Widely used for orders with suppliers from all kinds of sources. 30% prepayment is mostly adopted.)

3. In Stock or With Lead Time: Offline contract with 100% prepayment. (Rarely used, only for some special products from some specific suppliers.)

We help users to evaluate the risks and handle the order placement process. Also, we help users convert the USD to CNY and pay to the suppliers on users’ behalf to solve the currency exchange difficulty, when suppliers only accept CNY.

Inspection Service for China Industrial Product

Inspection Service for China Industrial Product

Depending on the different industrial products, we offer different inspection services.

High Value Small Items: Free detailed inspection will be offered by us. The items will be shipped to our warehouse for detailed inspection, including product info verifying, surface checking, photos taking, defects describing. This is usually applied to precise equipment and their accessories which are of high value but with light weight.

Big/Heavy Items: Free photos will be requested from suppliers before shipping. Usually big/heavy items will be shipped from suppliers to forwarders’ warehouses directly to save shipping costs. In order to ensure correct items will be shipped, we will request the suppliers to take photos before shipping to verify that the items are correct as expected.

High Value Big/Heavy: If the item is big/heavy and of high value, we can send staff or a third-party team to go to the supplier’s factory or warehouse to inspect the items with photos or videos. This only applies to big heavy but high value items, because this service is not free but with extra cost.

Inspection is one of the important parts of controlling order risks. Our team always tries best to help do inspection jobs carefully for our users to avoid unnecessary loss and to cut down the costs.

Consolidation & Repacking Service for China Industrial Product

Consolidation & Repacking Service for China Industrial Product

We help repack/consolidate the items to make them safe and easy for international shipping.

Consolidation for Small Items: We use inner box or bubble wrap to contain the small items and then consolidate them into big cartons, so that those small items can be easier for shipping.

Big Items Repacking: We can help repack the big items to meet the conditions from the custom or shipping companies. For example, we can use blank cartons or woven bags to pack the items outside.

High Value Item Repacking: We use foam, bubble wrap or inner cartons to strengthen the package and protect the high value items. For some special items, we can even use customized wooden boxes to pack the items. By default, the higher value the item has, the more carefully we will handle the packing.

Carton Surface: All cartons’ surfaces will be wrapped with transparent tape or PE film, so that the cartons will not be easily damaged in the shipping process.

Risk Evaluation & Control Service for China Industrial Product

Risk Evaluation & Control Service for China Industrial Product

For each order, we help users to evaluate and control all kinds of risks in the whole order process. When we find the risk is high, we will always remind users to handle it with care or check if there are other options.

Product Info Investigation: We will check the supplier’s product page carefully and contact the supplier to confirm if the product can meet the requirements.

Supplier Background Investigation: We will investigate the supplier’s background to see if the supplier is doing good business without any negative record, especially when the supplier wants an offline contract with bank transfer prepayment.

Offline Contract Reminding: Offline contract with bank transfer prepayment is with higher risk compared to the online payment with escrow service. If the supplier requests an offline contract, we will always remind users about this risk.

Photos Before Paying Off: This is another risk control measure for orders with offline contracts. Usually, we pay 30% of the total item value as prepayment for an order with an offline contract. When the items are ready, the supplier will ask for paying off the other 70% amount. We will always ask the supplier to take photos of the items for verification before paying off, so that we can control the risk and ensure the right items are really ready.

Deals With Escrow: Online orders on 1688.com and TaoBao.com are all with escrow service from the platforms. We help users handle the orders and protect the users’ interests by following the rules of the escrow services, like 7 days return policy restriction and raising disputes against suppliers.

Detailed Inspection: For high value items shipped to our warehouse, we will perform detailed inspection and take photos for users. Both we and users will be able to see the item conditions and verify the item info from their nameplates or tags/stickers.

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