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What is TaoBao?

TaoBao is the largest C2C online market in China. It's also the most famous online dealing platform in China. TaoBao has almost everything, mostly for retail deals. Many industrial product sellers are opening one or several TaoBao shops to grab more business opportunities. It's always a good idea to search for the industrial products you want on TaoBao.

What are the Advantages of TaoBao Industrial Products

As the largest and most famous C2C online market in China, TaoBao is having the following advantages:

Having almost everything

Having almost everything

Widest ranges of sellers

Widest ranges of sellers

Free Escrow service for all deals

Free Escrow service for all deals

Seller credit score rating looking up

Seller credit score rating looking up

Product comment and rating data

Product comment and rating data

Free customer service for disputes

Free customer service for disputes

TaoBao Industrial Products

In China, most people are buying products from TaoBao, especially the younger generations. This is already an online buying habit nowadays. Therefore, more and more B2B industrial product sellers are selling industrial products on TaoBao, which is free of charge. Now, you can easily find all kinds of industrial products on TaoBao, like contactors, sensors, converters, valves, etc.

How to Buy TaoBao Industrial Products?

If you are having an account with TaoBao, you can buy from TaoBao on your own directly. However, due to the complexity and safety of industrial product orders, the best way is to make it with a purchase agent, who will offer services including inquiry, purchasing, inspection, re-packing, warranty support.

To buy TaoBao industrial products with a purchase agent, you can enquire first in either of the following ways:
1. Search TaoBao for the targeted products and copy out the links. Together with the requirements, send the links to your purchase agent to get quotations from the sellers.
2. Send the requirements to the purchase agent directly to have the purchase agent to find the sellers on TaoBao and get quotations.

If the price in a quotation is acceptable, the purchase agent will help to purchase the items on your behalf according to your request.

After the items are purchased, the purchase agent will have the sellers send the items to their warehouse or office for inspection to make sure the items are in good condition. Problematic items will be reported and returned to sellers for change or refund.

Before sending the goods to the forwarder, the purchase agent can also help repack the items to make them safe for international shipping. Small items can also be consolidated into one or several cartons to make the shipping easier.

Warranty Support
The purchase agent will help contact the sellers for warranty if there is any item issue. This will help solve the language barrier in communication. If needed, the purchase agent can also help raise disputes against sellers on your behalf if the issues are not solved in a right way.

How to Differentiate Replica TaoBao Industrial Products?

To differentiate the replica TaoBao industrial products is a little bit tricky. However, you can do it according to the following points:

1. Check the product itself:
Not all products will be copied as replicas. Only the small and simple products with high profit margin are possibly copied as replicas.

2. Check the TaoBao seller info:
We can check the TaoBao seller's info to see if it's a company or a person and if the seller is specialized in a certain category. Also, we can further search the phone number and seller names in the search engine to see if there is any dispute. Seller's credit score rating is also a very good reference.

3. Check the TaoBao Industrial product description info:
This is quite important! Many replica products sellers don't intend to cheat anyone, but just sell them at pretty low prices. They may edit the product description info carefully by removing the keyword “genuine” or even removing the brand name to imply the product is a replica. Some sellers may even use the keyword “replacement” to tell the buyers explicitly that it's a replica product.

4. Check the seller's selling records and comments:
This can be a very good reference, especially when there are negative comments from other buyers.

5. Confirm with the sellers by Wangwang IM and telephone:
We can also contact the sellers via Wangwang IM or telephone to confirm if the products are genuine or replica. Most sellers will reply honestly to avoid troubles because selling replicas is violating TaoBao's rules and they don't want buyers to report them to TaoBao platform, which would cause punishments from TaoBao.

6. Inspect the item:
If all of the above steps seem OK, we can buy the product and inspect it. If we find it doesn't look genuine, we can still return it to the seller as long as there is evidence.

TaoBao Industrial Product Deal Protection

TaoBao offers free escrow service for all orders placed on TaoBao platform. In this way, TaoBao can guarantee the sellers will send the goods to the buyers as expected. If there is any problem, buyers can request for return and change/refund. This escrow service is also very helpful to TaoBao industrial product deals, especially for those items with high values.

Buyers can have a maximum of 7 days to check the items after receiving them, according to TaoBao rules. For most industrial products, usually sellers suggest to confirm the items within 3 days due to the specialty. If there is any problem found, buyers can contact the sellers for change or refund or an alternative solution. If the seller is not going to solve the problem, buyers can also raise a dispute to TaoBao customer service to get the money back, as long as reasonable evidence can be provided.

TaoBao Industrial Product Warranty

TaoBao only offers 15 days warranty for most of the products except for those electronic items with special regulations according to the related laws. However, most TaoBao industrial product sellers are company sellers and they offer an extra warranty period besides the 15 days, in order to maintain a good relationship with customers expecting for future orders. Most industrial product warranty period are 1 year, which is very common. The purchase agent will help to contact the sellers for warranty on your behalf if it's needed.

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